Natural Plants and Foods That Work

For countless centuries, medical practitioners have used a selection of different natural remedies to cure what ailed their patients. Over the years, much of what they used has been found to either have no affect on the body, or to be downright harmful, and later led to the process of medically reviewed medication and pharmaceuticals that are designed for certain ailments.

But with the ever-increasing price of medication, along with the many chemicals that are used in modern medicines, it’s becoming more common for the sick and injured to seek out cheaper, more naturally occurring medications. These are some of those that have ben proven to work.


We live in the age of instant gratification, self-driving cars and antibiotics, and it’s an age that is starting to see the harmful side of using too many antibiotics, especially when treating a problem that doesn’t need an antibiotic solution. The problem with antibiotics is that while they’re used to kill the bad bacteria that our bodies can’t fight off, they also tend to kill many of the good ones that live naturally within our intestines.

One day to try and restore the balance in our gut is to introduce good bacteria through probiotics, which usually come in the form of fermented foods, dairy products, and dietary supplements. For the most part, researchers haven’t found which strain work the best, but the general consensus is that probiotics are good for the body, and should be part of a person’s daily diet.


Onions are the base for many cooking styles around the world, and have been widely used for their medical benefits in many different cultures. They’ve become something of an idol in the homeopathic world, which has caused many people to turn away at the idea of using onions for certain ailments. But recent studies have shown that onions contain thiosulfinates, which are the compounds that give them their small, and have ben proven to protect against cardiovascular disease, along with a reduction of the symptoms of diabetes.

Along with this, their contain quercetin, which is a flavonoid that can prevent inflammation in association with allergies, and can help protect against stomach ulcers, colon, oesophageal, and breast cancers.


Plantain is an oval-leafed plant that can be found across the world, and has been used naturally as a medicine for the last 800 years. Native Americans would use plantains for insect skins, burns, and much more.

Research has found that the plant’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties can help heal breaks in our skin, and psyllium, which is found in one type of plantain, is a fantastic source of fibre.


Cayenne is a pepper that was used by ancient civilisations that still lived in caves for number of ailments before it made the transition to cuisine.

Research has proven that capsaicin, the ingredient that provides cayenne with its head, is known to provide fast-acting pain relief, postoperative comfort, and arthritis as it clamps down on the chemical messengers that transmit pain to the brain.

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